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Plan your purchase

Being sustainable is about buying less and buying better but making an informed decision can be a challenge for multiple reasons: being overwhelmed with data, restricted budgets, lack of time, etc. If you want to make more sustainable and conscious choices about what’s in your closet, we have the event for you. We’ve invited two dynamic speakers and experts in sustainable fashion to guide you into making simpler and smarter purchasing choices.

Katia Vladimirova is an expert in sustainable fashion consumption from the University of Geneva. Katia will explain the role of social media and its influence on consumption patterns. She’ll also speak about challenges consumers face when trying to plan their purchases, such as the rising issue of greenwashing and e-commerce dark patterns.

Filip Westerlund is a circular economy expert, specialised in fashion, and the founder of OurChoice, a Luxemburgish sustainable sneakers brand. With a MSc in psychology from the University of Luxembourg, Filip has a great understanding of the consumers mind and ought to guide you through the process of conscious consumption based on your budget, desired lifestyle, and identifying quality garments.

Following their talks, all participants will be encouraged to contribute with questions and/or comments.




Katia Vladimirova

Katia Vladimirova conducts cutting-edge research on sustainable fashion consumption, degrowth, and systemic transformation towards sustainability. She researches the process of social change towards sustainability. Her two areas of focus are sustainable fashion consumption and consumption ethics more broadly. Katia consults international organizations, businesses and NGOs on issues related to sustainability and social change. In 2022, Katia received the Circular by Design Challenge Award in Luxembourg for her sustainable underwear brand ‘well-rounded’.


Filip Westerlund

Filip Westerlund is a strong advocate for circular economy. In 2021, Filip received the Circular by Design Challenge Award in Luxembourg as the founder of OurChoice (circular fashion sneakers brand). As an entrepreneur, Filip is determined to make a positive impact on the planet, but also seeks to expand and strengthen the circular economy community. Through circular products and changing consumer behaviours, Filip believes we all have the power to lead the shift from a linear to a circular economy.


Event agenda

18H-18H10: welcome

18H10-18H30: speakers’ presentation (10-12 min per speaker)

18H30-19H: discussion with participants

19H-20H: networking


Drinks and vegan appetizers will be served.

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