SWAP Party - all gender & sizes


How it works:


Step 1: Bring up to 5 of your most beautiful pieces of clothing that you don't wear anymore. Please note that shoes and accessories, as well as children's clothes are excluded.


Items will be screened to ensure a quality experience. Each item accepted can be exchanged for another item. So if you have brought 5 items, you can go home with a maximum of 5 newly exchanged items. If you have only brought 3, you can only take 3. If your item is not suitable for the swap, you will have to take itback.


Step 2: After initial inspection and acceptance, you will put your clothes on the hangers provided by us and you can browse our swap area.


Step 3: Once you have selected new garments, you can proceed to the checkout and you will have managed to renew your wardrobe without spending a euro.


Please note that leftover clothes become the property of Caritas. Should you want the clothes you have initially brought back, you will have to wait until the event is over.


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