Luxembourg Upcycling Challenge

The Luxembourg Upcycling Challenge aimed to promote new talent that had not yet been brought to light. The winner was selected by a jury, and the best pieces were presented at a fashion show at the Cloche d'Or shopping centre on June 15 2024.

The competition was open to everyone aged 16+. Participants were asked to make a box jacket in sizes M to XL. A box jacket is a straight-cut jacket. It had to have a zip or buttons, long sleeves, and pockets, and had to be made reusing existing fabrics or garments, aka upcycling.

Prizes included a personal workshop with content designer Natascha Bintz on the theme of brand creation, as well as a professional photo shoot with Eilijah Photography. The winning jacket is for sale at Lët'z Refashion.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling involves using materials that already exist and transforming them to extend the life of the material. In this way, the personal carbon footprint can be reduced.

Only 0.1% of clothing in Luxembourg is upcycled, and many people are not even familiar with the concept. Some accessories are already made in Luxembourg by upcycling, but few people make clothes.

The lucky winner

The lucky winner was Arinze Umeh. His jacket impressed with its perfect execution and wearability. The jury also awarded a second and third place, as well as a Coup de Coeur.

  • 2nd prize: Aksana Rollinger-Tratsiak
  • 3rd prize: Manuela Chiavini
  • Coup de Coeur: Rebecca Brouwer

Arinze Umeh

Arinze Umeh

Aksana Rollinger-Tratsiak

Manuela Chiavini

Rebecca Brouwer

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