20 JUILLET 2021 - Conference-debate : What’s behind your clothes ?

Conference-debate: What’s behind your clothes ?

Have you every asked yourself what, or better who is behind the production of your clothes and what impact fashion has on our society?

In the past twenty years, production and consumption of garments globally has almost doubled and Millennials and GenZ consumers are accustomed to very different practices when it comes to fashion than previous generations. Katia Vladimirova, Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Sociological Research at the University of Geneva, will talk about the impact of fashion and about new ways to engage with fashion in more sustainable ways.



12.15-13.00: Subscription required  => https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lunch-talk-whats-behind-our-clothes-tickets-161194425867


18.00-19.15: Subscription required => https://www.eventbrite.com/e/afterwork-talk-whats-behind-your-clothes-tickets-161194969493

Where? Hels1nk1 Concept 10 Rue Aldringen L-1118 Luxembourg